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Professional Roofing Services in Belle Chasse

RG Construction Group is a trusted choice for roofing services in Belle Chasse, effectively fulfilling your roofing and home improvement preferences. With a solid devotion to excellence, we provide diverse services, including shingle roofing, siding installation, roof cleaning, interior demolition, and much more. Belle Chasse’s unique climate presents challenges, from intense heat and humidity to occasional storms. That’s where our expertise comes in. Our team understands the specific needs of this region and the importance of having a sturdy and well-maintained roof to withstand the elements.

We recognize that your roof is a significant investment and deserves the utmost care, so we work diligently to preserve it. Hiring us is equivalent to your satisfaction, safety, and peace of mind guaranteed in the long term. We understand that it’s more than simply a place for you to live; it’s where you make memories. Hire us, and let’s improve it together!


Our Mission

As your trusted roofer in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, RG Construction Group aims to provide exceptional roofing services that ensure your home's safety, longevity, and comfort.


Our Vision

To become the undisputed provider of the best roofing services in Belle Chasse LA, ensuring that every home we touch stands proudly under a roof of enduring quality.

A Holistic Approach to Roofing: Quality and Standards

Our roofing artistry lies in using top materials and practical techniques for a secure and enduring shelter.

  • We correctly install roof vents for adequate ventilation to enhance energy efficiency, regulate temperature, and prevent moisture buildup.
  • Our roofers use flashing, typically made of metal, to waterproof roof intersections, such as where the roof meets a chimney, skylight, or wall. Proper flashing installation prevents leaks and water damage.
  • We apply roofing underlayment beneath roofing materials to protect against water infiltration and ice dams, ensuring a watertight seal.

Our holistic approach to roofing ensures that your investment is robust and complies with the highest industry standards.

From Assessment to Installation: Organized Roofing Journey

We showcase our expertise through an organized roofing process to acquire the best results:

  • We initiate the process by thoroughly assessing your roof needs, allowing us to know your specific requirements and proceed accordingly.
  • Our roofing professionals inform you about suitable and personalized roofing solutions and a detailed estimate based on the inspection findings while waiting for your approval.
  • We choose suitable roofing materials, considering their durability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness, and start installing the new roof over your house.

We secure vulnerable intersections against leaks and water damage during installation to avoid any issues and then conduct a final check, ensuring everything’s smooth.

Dependable and Cost-Effective Belle Chasse Roofing Services

RG Construction Group offers detailed roofing services in Belle Chasse and has a solid track record of excellence. Our skilled professionals are devoted to delivering one-stop roofing solutions, whether repairs, installations, or maintenance. We ensure that your roof is strong enough to endure anything since we know the particular difficulties of the area’s climate and geography. Our rigorous attentiveness to every facet is the reason for guaranteed long-lasting results. Employ us for trustworthy, reasonably priced roofing services that provide peace of mind and safeguard your investment.

Our Services

What We Offer

Shingle Roofing

Protect your home with our cost-effective, versatile shingle roofing services in Belle Chasse that enhance curb appeal and withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Metal Roofing

Choose our metal roofing solutions for superior longevity and a modern, sleek aesthetic. Witness enduring protection, energy efficiency, and increased property value.

Flat Roofing

Our flat roofing services combine functionality and efficiency. Our skilled roofers ensure reliable weather protection in the long run with a clean, minimalist design.

Skylight Repair

Our skilled team performs repairs to maintain skylight functionality and aesthetics. Trust us to keep your home bright and welcoming with expert skylight maintenance.


Elevate your home's exterior with our siding services. We offer a variety of materials to boost insulation and create stunning curb appeal, enhancing both form and function.

Interior Demolition

Prepare your space for renovation via our safe interior demolitions. We minimize disruptions and ensure an efficient process that sets the stage for your upcoming improvements.

Siding Replacement

Improve your property's visual charm and insulation with our siding replacement services for an aesthetically pleasing and durable exterior finish.

Roof Cleaning

Our professional roof cleaning services extend your roof's lifespan. We remove debris, algae, and moss, ensuring optimal performance and a clean and attractive roof.

Roof Repair

Depend on us for expert roof repair services. We resolve roofing problems quickly, protecting the roof structure and the comfort of your house, whether a little leak or broken shingles.


Our reroofing services are cost-effective and efficient whenever it's time for a new roof layer. Refresh your home's protection with our expert installation and quality materials.

Siding Repair

Restore your home exterior's visual appeal and functionality with our robust and effective siding repair services to ensure the longevity of your siding.

Skylight Installation

Brighten your spaces with our professional skylight installations. Our expert team maximizes natural light, creating a more inviting and energy-efficient environment in your home.

New Roof Installation

Let us install a high-quality roof for new constructions or complete replacements. We offer various materials and expert craftsmanship to protect your home effectively.

Roof Replacement

When your roof reaches the end of its life, our roof replacement professionals provide a durable and attractive solution so that you can improve your space.

Siding Installation

Make your home's outer area attractive with our robust siding installations. We offer wide styles to match your preferences and budget, ensuring favorable results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof repair is sufficient for a few damaged shingles. Whether it’s a repair or a partial replacement, our specialists can determine the degree of the damage and put the most economical solution in place.

Roof ventilation lessens the accumulation of moisture, helps control temperature, and keeps roofing materials from deteriorating too quickly.

While visual inspections can help identify some issues, hiring us for a thorough assessment is necessary. Professionals can detect hidden problems and provide expert solutions.

In case of a roof leak during heavy rain, it’s essential to contain the water and protect your belongings. You can place buckets or containers to catch the water and call us for a thorough inspection and repair.

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Local Expertise

We are aware of the region's particular weather problems. Our expertise allows us to implement roofing solutions that match climate and ensure long-lasting protection for your home.

why choose us
Detail-Oriented Approach

Our rigorous approach means that every shingle, every seal, and every nail goes through careful inspection along with accurate and robust installation, guaranteeing a flawless roof.

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